Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to get peace lily to bloom怎样把绿巨人栽种开花

March 29 2011


After having read the writing about my peace lily, my sister sent me an email telling me her secret and the picture of her peace lily and an article about how to get the peace lily to bloom.

Here is her email and picture:

Hi Susan,
My Peace lily blooms for too many times a year. I have a secret which is when I ate fish I used to rinse my plates with water after the meal. I then added very little dishwashing liquid into that water with which I then watered my plant. The following next one or two weeks the plant would start blooming. Sometimes there would be six or seven flowers blooming at a time. Good luck!




Here is the article:

A common problem faced by many Peace Lily growers is that it won't bloom. With just a few simple adjustments, you can have a Peace Lily blooming in a few weeks. How to get peace lily to bloom Peace Lilies are one of the most common houseplants found in homes today. Mainly because they are easy to grow, require little maintenance and have beautiful foliage. A common problem faced by many growers is that their Peace Lily doesn’t bloom or doesn’t bloom as often as they would like. Peace Lilies require certain components to produce a beautiful, healthy looking plant that will bloom often. With just a few simple adjustments, you can have a Peace Lily shooting out new spathes in just a few weeks.

Low light The most common reason a Peace Lily doesn’t bloom is the light conditions. Peace Lilies are a tropical plant and therefore require plenty of sun light. If your Peace Lily isn’t blooming simply move it near a window that gets bright light. A few hours of bright sunlight each day will help your Peace Lily get the energy it needs to shoot up dozens of beautiful new spathes (Peace Lily Blooms).

Dry soil Another common problem that prevents Peace Lilies from blooming is watering conditions. Being a tropical plant, they like to have moist soil. Not soggy wet but a little moist. Do not allow the soil to dry out during active growing periods. If it does it won’t hurt the plant but it will slow down the blooming process. During the resting periods and winter months allow the soil to become dry in between watering. When new growth appears begin watering again as needed to keep soil moist but not soggy.

Not enough nutrients Peace Lilies don’t require a lot of fertilizer to bloom. If potted in a good potting mix such as Miracle Grow, it can get most of its nutrients from the soil. Using an all-purpose fertilizer or houseplant liquid fertilizer, fertilize every two months at half-recommended strength. This will allow the Peace Lily to get the nutrients that it needs with out burning the plant or causing mineral build up. It is suggested that you leach your Peace Lily every 3-4 months two help drain out in salt or mineral build ups for a vibrant, healthy plant. As you can see Peace Lilies are easy to grow and will bloom well with the correct sunlight, water and fertilizer. Even with out blooms, Peace Lilies are beautiful foliage plants that are great for indoors uses. Feel free to set your Peace Lily out on a covered porch or semi-shaded patio. This will give them a chance to get fresh air, natural humidity and will give it nice boost for a few new blooms. Be careful not to but in full sun as you may burn the plant and leave it injured.

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